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Importance of Compliance

Whilst most organizations work hard to meet legal and industry standards compliance deadlines to be ready for annual official assessments, they rarely see the value in implementing a continuous compliance program whereby they strive to remain compliant at all times. This creates additional costs and an ongoing burden to become compliant again every time re-assessment deadlines come up.


Risk Management and Compliance Service Strategy:

COE Risk Management and Compliance Services evaluate your company's current status and uncover ways to better protect your shareholders and your customers. They do so through:

• identifying vulnerabilities and threats and quantifying and managing risk

• defining appropriate security controls and governance

• supporting compliance requirements

• training personnel in security awareness

• providing a management dashboard of your risk and compliance status

Through understanding where you stand and through strong governance processes, you can close vulnerabilities and protect well your organization.




Importance of Forensics:

Cyber-crime is one of the biggest growth industries around the globe, whether it is in the form of violation of company policies, fraud, hate crime, extremism, child pornography, or terrorism. It is therefore paramount that the security industry raises its game to combat these threats. The requirements of industry are varied, challenging and continually changing, with cyber security at the forefront of the knowledge explosion.


COE Security strategy:

COE Security can assist an organization in all facets of computer evidence extraction, preservation and presentation while reducing costs and ensuring that evidence does not become tainted. Digital Forensics can assist locally with:

  • •   Computer Forensics
  • •   Network Forensics
  • •   E-Mail Forensics
  • •   Database Forensics
  • •   Handheld Devices (Blackberry, PDA's)
  • •   Backup Tape Analysis
  • •   Data Acquisition
  • •   Forensic Analysis
  • •   Expert Testimony
  • •   Correlation and Link Analysis
  • •   Full Computer Forensic Investigations
  • •   Evidence Processing


Why COE Security

COE is an expert in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and Digital forensics. Our compliance services help you measure how mature your controls are and compare them to best practices and forensic services will help you investigating any incident that may require your attention.


Project Management Approach:


 "We used the software development capabilities of COE Security have to redevelop the entire system that runs our in-house systems as well as our website. Our ordering system is faster and more efficient now and we have instant access to all sorts of reports that give us more control over our business. Working with COE Security proved to be very satisfying as they always work very closely with our people and always respond positively to our sometimes complicated demands. Altogether COE Security has done a great job with our new system and working with them has always been a pleasure."


Marc Hagelauer
Managing Director

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A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer

A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer